Commercial Refrigerator

What to Consider When Buying a Refrigerator for a Club Kitchen


Reliability is critical when it comes to a commercial refrigerator that must hold and store ingredients, leftovers, prepped sauces, and more. A commercial refrigerator is an investment, and hopefully a long-term one. That’s why it’s critical for club chefs to be equipped with the best knowledge for making the right purchase. Reliability is critical. Commercial refrigerators […]

Justin Fry is Making Pastry a Priority at The Club at Longview


The Club at Longview’s new, comprehensive pastry program is rooted in innovation, quality and member preference. Justin Fry can make almost anything out of chocolate. A table? Sure. A vase? Absolutely. An elaborate buffet that would ultimately land him a job at one of the best clubs in Charlotte? You bet. Fry is the newly […]

Making Craft Beer More Accessible in Country Clubs and Resorts


Sea Pines Resort and the CC of Roswell are incorporating beer into their operations in totally different, but equally shrewd, ways. Compared to wine, beer tends to be more casual and approachable. It attracts a different member demographic and necessitates a different stage when it’s being featured, both at the tap and beyond it. “Beer […]

Mighty Bowl with California Avocados


Yield: 12 entrée salads INGREDIENTS 6 cups cooked grain and lentil medley (equal parts: brown rice, quinoa, red rice, lentils, wild rice) 18 cups fresh kale, cut into 1 inch pieces (12 oz.) 4 cups cooked black beans (30 oz.) 4 cups Mediterranean Salsa (recipe follows) 3 Fresh California Avocados, peeled, pitted, sliced 1 1⁄2 […]

F&B Variety is a Must at Mizner CC


Mizner CC’s $22 million renovation and expansion will add a number of new dining options and, according to GM/COO Larry Savvides, will be the key to the South Florida club’s success. In South Florida, the club business is fierce, and food-and-beverage programs are among the biggest differentiators between top properties. Mizner Country Club (Delray Beach, […]

Why Sourcing Matters Most to Club Chefs


Club chefs are fortifying relationships with vendors who understand their unique needs and can provide the best quality products. A shorter supply chain doesn’t necessarily mean a less-complicated one. In fact, working with local, smaller or boutique producers and suppliers can bring a whole new set of challenges. Even so, club chefs are committed to […]