Rapide Cuisine® Countertop High-Powered/Heavy-Duty Induction Range by Hatco


Features: Pan Sense Technology activates the unit only when a suitable pan is placed on top Magnetic Power System provides the highest cooking power possible of any induction range available High-resolution TFT display instantly communicates precise power, temperature and timer settings USB port allows chefs to download system updates and add new programmable modes Contact: […]


What Club Chefs ‘Knead’ to Know about Pizza


As dining skews casual and small plates remain popular, pizza is the perfect menu item to satisfy both trends. Pizza has an eatability and versatility that can’t be beat. It satisfies both the casual dining and small-plate trends. It can be dressed up or down. It’s good any time of day. And it has both […]

ConstellationTM Dinnerware, from Libbey’s Syracuse® China Collection


Features: The brightest choice in white dinnerware, for serving the freshest experiences Libbey’s Brightest-Ever White Porcelain – New Lunar White™ body color answers the demand for brighter white dinnerware Complete, Versatile Dinnerware Collection – Includes more than 100 products across three designs and Universal Accessories Countless Mix-and-Match Options – Patterns mix and match seamlessly, and the […]

How Dallas’ Northwood Club is Taking the Reins


With its new chef-focused restaurant, improved beverage and pastry programs, and plans for a garden and chicken coop, Dallas’ Northwood Club is redefining what club dining can and should be. When Northwood Club in Dallas, Texas, had the opportunity to reinvent its member-dining operation as part of a massive club renovation, General Manager Jon Davis […]

How to Tackle Kitchen Renovations


With food and beverage in the spotlight, clubs are investing in back-of-house upgrades. Here are three examples. Club kitchens house the heart and soul of every food-and-beverage operation. It’s where the food is prepared and where the staff that prepares it works its magic. But often, especially in older clubhouses, the layout of the kitchen […]

Understanding and Applying One-, Two- and Three-Way Wine Pairings


Robert Mancuso, CMC, Executive Chef of the Bohemian Club, shares his philosophy and process for expanding and enhancing wine and food pairings. The rules about pairing wine with food are being rewritten to keep pace with evolving culinary trends. Instead of following old-school guidelines, club chefs are now pinpointing specific characteristics in different wines and […]