Why New Orleans Commands a Repeat Performance


The 2019 Chef to Chef Conference will return to the Big Easy for the eleventh annual event, which will be held March 10-12, 2019. For the second time in its ten-year history, New Orleans will play host to the 2019 Chef to Chef Conference, March 10th through March 12th. (This marks the first time in […]

Chef’s Thoughts with Vincent Horville


Vincent Horville, Executive Chef of The Metropolitan Club of the City of Washington (D.C.), hails from Versailles, France, where he grew up in the restaurant business and helped out in the kitchen from an early age. Vincent Horville has been the Executive Chef of The Metropolitan Club of the City of Washington (D.C.) since 2006, […]

Aging with Style


Grosse Pointe YC has elevated and expanded its menu with dry-aged proteins. Traditionally, steak can be a pretty boring menu item for club chefs. But the problem with reinventing steak is that when a member orders a filet, he or she expects a super-tender cut of beef with a well-seasoned crust, cooked medium-rare. Instead of […]

Finding a Cure-All


The Metropolitan Club of the City of Washington now offers an in-house charcuterie program. Members of The Metropolitan Club of the City of Washington (D.C.) love seeing “house-made” on menus, because it signals quality, freshness, and care. It’s a visual reminder of how the club’s culinary team always seeks to go the extra mile to […]

chaferless buffets

Designing Chaferless Buffets


Merion GC’s Executive Chef shares tips for building modern buffets. Buffets are an essential service style. But to display buffet food, chefs are moving away from chafing dishes, which are now viewed as old-fashioned and boring. Instead, buffets now feature a series of service styles to showcase the variety of dishes being served, including chef-manned […]

Source of Pride


John’s Island Club partnered with a video marketing firm to create a six-part video documentary series, “Sourced,” that illustrates the complete process of how local ingredients are sourced, prepared and featured on menus. The management team at John’s Island Club, in Vero Beach, Fla., has impressive tenure. General Manager Brian Kroh, CCM, has been with […]