The Content You Want, In Print and Online

 You hold in your hands the 20th issue of Club & Resort Business. We launched the magazine in April 2005, and are hugely gratified by the consistent and overwhelmingly positive feedback we’ve received from you—our readers and industry associates. Nothing pleases a publisher and editor more than to know that we are connecting with our audience with informative, useful content.

In short, the affinity we have developed with you has already made Club & Resort Business a trusted, valued name. And now that you know and like us, it’s time to extend the brand.

Gutenberg jump-started the evolution of the written word with the invention of the printing press in 1450, making print the medium of choice for publishers of all types. Some 550 years later, along came the Internet, and publishers finally had a new, complementary medium to work with (broadcast radio and television didn’t do much to alter the landscape for books, newspapers and magazines).

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We launched a Web site at the same time we launched the magazine, but there wasn’t much there for you. We hadn’t established our brand, we did not have a relationship with you, and most of what was on the site could be found in the magazine. Even so, many of you have visited the site each month, and the number keeps growing.

Version 2.0 of is now up and running—and it will be as valuable a resource to you as the magazine. Here are some of the things that you will see, and what you can do, when you go to our new site:

• Interact with other professionals. Start a conversation with your peers in our user forums, which are offered for each of the business areas we cover (food and beverage, course and grounds, pro shop, etc.). In addition, get answers to your important questions when you “Ask the Expert.”

• Search for relevant club and resort industry topics. Our archives are fully searchable and accessible without requiring registration. You’ll find recipes, ideas, club features, management tips and much more.

• Make C&RB your all-in-one news source. Get up-to-the-minute industry news on our home page, or incorporate our “RSS feeds” into your own news reader or aggregator. Select the section that interests you from the available choices, click on the orange RSS button or section title, and follow the instructions for your particular news reader to subscribe to a specific RSS stream.

• Sign up for online-only news and features to be delivered to your inbox. The number of pages in a magazine are finite, but the Web presents opportunities to deliver original content not offered in the print edition of C&RB. Go online today to sign up for topic-specific e-newsletters with stories you won’t find elsewhere—a feature we plan to launch in the near future to customize content to your own preferences.

We are pleased to offer this expanded content and service via our new Web site. At the same time, you can rely on the print version of C&RB to hit your desk every month. Our goal is to serve your information needs any way you want it—in print or online.

Finally, the Web site is as much yours as it is ours. Please let us know if there are still things you’d like to see or have that aren’t already there.