Truly Good Foods Veggie Cubes 


Features: • NEW Veggie Cubes are now available—this unique snack is a light and airy mix of some of your favorite vegetables • You won’t find Veggie Cubes available anywhere else right now, so order now to introduce your members to this growing category—vegetable snacks are already up by 22% from last year • Veggie […]

Truly Good Foods trEAT4u


Features: • trEAT4u is a line of 1-oz. bags that are a healthier snack option • Snack line is built around 10 nutritional criteria points that include: – Less than 200 calories – Less than 20g sugar – No artificial ingredients • Available in seven flavors of nuts, dried fruit and trail mixes Truly Good […]

Truly Good Foods Wild About Wasabi


Features: • Wild About Wasabi® is bursting with the bold flavors of wasabi soy sauce cashews and wasabi peas, with roasted, no-salt almonds to balance out the mix • One of our most flavorful snack mixes, Wild About Wasabi® is also a good source of protein and fiber • Available in 25-lb. bulk, it’s perfect for your […]

Truly Good Foods Banana Split


Features: • Banana Split® snack mix tastes just like its namesake with roasted and salted peanuts, pineapple, chocolate chunks, cherry-flavored cranberries, banana chips, and caramel and marshmallow bits • It’s the perfect snack mix for summer and is ideal for a sundae bar or dessert showcase • Available in 25-lb. bulk, 3.5-oz. snack bags, 4.5-oz. […]

Truly Good Foods Southern Sweets


Features: • The Southern Sweets SUR (stand-up resealable) bag line consists of treats that are classic and delicious • All snacks in this line start with quality nuts that are then covered with sweet coating, to offer the perfect crunchy taste of a Southern summer afternoon • Flavors in the line include Praline Pecans, Praline Nut […]

Truly Good Foods Firecracker Hot & Spicy®  

  • Firecracker Hot & Spicy® is a spicy and bold snack mix that is one of our best-selling products for country clubs and bars
  • Ingredients include spicy churritos, nacho peanuts, taco sesame sticks, roasted and salted almonds and roasted, no-salt pumpkin seeds
  • Firecracker Hot & Spicy® is a good source of fiber and protein

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