Superintendents’ Children Earn Legacy Award Grants

By | August 9, 2018

The Golf Course Superintendents Association of America announced its latest round of twenty $1,500 college scholarships for children or grandchildren of GCSAA members. The grants are funded by the Environmental Institute for Golf and supported by Syngenta.   The Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA) announced that it has awarded 20 new college scholarships […]

Spring Lake GC Celebrates 50th Year with Three Generations

By | September 14, 2017

The Jurgens family has owned and operated the Middle Island, N.Y., golf course since the 1960s. “All three generations have worked hard at making a good product, a consistent product,” said General Manager Rick Jurgens. “We all could have probably gone off and done bigger, grander things. But this is where we are.” Charles Jurgens converted […]

Friar’s Head GC Successfully Challenges Assessment

By | January 15, 2016

The town of Riverhead, N.Y., previously valued the club property at $30 million, requiring owners to pay $735,000 in real estate taxes per year. The challenge resulted in tax savings of $370,000 per year and a refund of almost $3 million.