Are you a Chef or a Cook?


For Penelope Wong, Glenmoor Country Club’s Executive Chef, cooking is the most important and best part of her job and she is often surprised when other chefs aren’t as hands on. I am a cook. I will always be a cook. You can strip away the title from my coat. You can strip away the […]

Don’t Be Trendy. Be Relevant.


Glenmoor CC’s Executive Chef Penelope Wong keeps an eye on restaurant and food trends while maintaining her focus on integrity and authenticity. Recently I was asked to sit on a panel for the local CMAA chapter here in Denver to discuss what is trending today in the world of club cuisine. As part of the panel, […]

VGM Club Features Penelope Wong, Nelson Millan on Podcast


The two most recent episodes of the company’s Club Cents podcast features discussions with the two prominent club chefs. The latest episodes of VGM Club’s Club Cents podcast feature discussions with two blog contributors to C&RB’s Chef to Chef food-and-beverage newsletter, Penelope Wong, Executive Chef of Glenmoor Country Club in Cherry Hills Village, Colo., as well […]

C&RB Announces Full Lineup of Speakers For Its 2018 Chef to Chef Conference

By | November 1, 2017

Speakers include Certified Master Chefs Robert Mancuso, Executive Chef of the Bohemian Club, and Jason Hall, Executive Chef of Myers Park CC, among others. Club & Resort Business announced the full lineup of speakers for its tenth annual Chef to Chef Conference, which will take place in Seattle, Wash., from March 4 through March 6, 2018. The Conference is expected […]

Do Chef Certifications Matter?


Certification is useful and some credentials are quite impressive, given the amount of work that goes in to earning them, but certification is no substitute for actual skill and experience. There’s a dizzying array of acronyms for the various certifications chefs can attain: CEC, CCA, AAC, CMC—and the list goes on. But do these certifications prove anything? […]

Opportunities and Challenges of Running an Apprenticeship


When Glenmoor Country Club (Cherry Hills Village, Colo.) became a sponsoring house with the ACF, Executive Chef Penelope Wong quickly found that apprentices have a lot to learn but can be a useful addition to the team. As all of us become increasingly aware of nationwide staffing woes, we engage in ongoing searches for solutions to help […]