The Shape of Things to Come?


One club announced that for the second straight year it would forego hiring a GM to save $200,000, and instead continue to rely on ‘a couple of members of the Board to be the figureheads.’ We’ve received a lot of “atta-boys” for the recent columns where we spoke out against the cases of General Managers […]

Cell Tower Proposed at Rogue Valley CC

By | October 13, 2016

A 114-foot Verizon Wireless cell tower could be built near the sixth hole tee boxes at the Medford, Ore., golf course, if the town’s planning commission approves a conditional use permit. The proposed tower will be planted next to a 91-foot evergreen near the maintenance area sand box, and a 15-foot-tall cedar hedge will conceal the base.

Cedar Links GC Closes

By | September 23, 2013

The Jantzer family sold the Medford, Ore., golf course in August for $4 million to Cedar Links Investment Group. The group has not commented publicly on how it plans to use the property, but the report noted that equipment was removed from the premises the day before the closure.