Seven Ideas for Small-Plate Menus


The chefs of Oak Hill CC and La Grange CC found that small-plate success is largely dependent on responding to member preference. Small plates and downsized dishes are ubiquitous. They cater to members looking for smaller portions, as well as those looking to dance around a menu and try multiple dishes at once. Chefs also […]

Organic Mower


To tackle plant overgrowth, La Grange (Ill.) CC rented a herd of goats in September. Over the course of a week, the herd mowed down 1.2 acres of fence switchgrass, bluegrass stems and wildflowers.

La Grange CC Rents Hungry Crew Members to Get the Goat of Course Overgrowth

By | October 5, 2015

The suburban Chicago club brought in 40 goats, at $3 per day, to help eliminate fence switchgrass and other growth that had proliferated after an especially wet season. The new crew members ate 1.2 acres in seven days and in the process helped to stress the unwanted plants, so they can be eradicated more easily.

CMAA Names 100 New Certified Club Managers

By | March 6, 2014

The CCM designation indicates that a club management professional has completed a rigorous course of study and training, and shows a dedication to proficiency and expertise in club management. The two classes are the final group of managers to earn their CCM under the Club Managers Association of America’s previous requirements, as new requirements became effective following the first administered CCM exam in January 2014.

La Grange CC Names Todd Hale as Club Manager

By | January 26, 2010

Todd Hale was recently named Club Manager at La Grange (Ill.) Country Club.   Hale comes to the La Grange Club with more than 15 years of managerial experience. Most recently he managed the Prestwick Country Club in Frankfort, Ill. where he oversaw renovation and expansion of the golf course, expansion of the pool and […]