Jacobsen® AR331


Features: TrueDeck cutting units are designed to enable simple, accurate height-of-cut adjustment, and provide even dispersion of grass clippings for superior after-cut appearance A lightweight footprint protects turf with increased traction, and offers precise contour-following abilities for maneuvering in tight spaces, around bunkers, trees and other obstacles Adaptishift™ technology allows you to effortlessly glide the […]

Moss Hill GC Hit by Vandals

By | July 17, 2018

Intruders bypassed a locked gate and entered the grounds of the Versailles, Ky. property by driving off the side of the road in what appeared to be a four-wheel-drive or utility vehicle. Deep tire tracks were gouged into a green, causing an estimated $5,000 in damage from what the club’s owner saw as a deliberate […]

Toro Reelmaster® 3550-D


Light and Efficient Product: Toro Reelmaster® 3550-D Features: Combines lighter weight of a greensmower with the speed and width of a larger fairway mower for optimal turf health and operator productivity. Weighs 1,985 lbs. in the base configuration, providing better flotation, allowing bentgrass fairways and other sensitive turf areas to flourish. Makes gentle turns and […]

Cushman Turf-Truckster by Jacobsen


[Course & Grounds] Rugged, Reliable and Versatile Product: Cushman Turf-Truckster by Jacobsen Features: A true utility player, the Cushman Turf-Truckster can handle many maintenance tasks, thanks to a full line of attachments including top dresser, aerator, blower, core harvester and sprayer. Heavy-duty payload of 2,850 lbs. Manual or industry- exclusive automatic transmission. Engine choice of […]

LF510™ Fairway Mower


Affordable Fairways Product: LF510™ Fairway Mower Features: Simplified maintenance including wet parking brakes, an onboard control module and easily accessible routine service items. Reliable Kubota engine is compliant with Tier 4 final emission regulations. Lightweight mower design distributes less than 10psi of operating ground pressure on the turf. New TrueSet™ cutting units boast an industry-leading […]