The new display kitchen for Toscana CC’s La Cucina restaurant.

Fine Lines


Expanded and redesigned kitchens are cooking up good business, as clubs increase their F&B margins while bringing new efficiencies to their food-preparation processes. Outfitting a club or resort kitchen is a tall order, and one that calls for an approach to laying out the space with an eye toward efficiency for both chefs and servers. […]

Superstition Mountain Golf & Country Club in Gold Canyon, Ariz.

A Course of Action


Golf course superintendents can rely on their experience and expertise, coupled with the know-how of others in the industry, to lead successful implementation of renovation and restoration projects. Second in a two-part series It’s one thing to make plans. It’s another to implement them. Just ask any superintendent who is overseeing a major golf course […]

When today’s on-the-go members and guests get hungry, they don’t always want to stop for a sit-down meal. So club chefs are putting a wide selection of grab-and-go meals and snacks in disposable cups, bowls and wraps—and even making and packaging their own brands of energy bars—to provide plenty of tempting, and healthful, portable fare.

Handier Than Ever


After seeing how members of St. Clair Country Club in Upper St. Clair, Pa., liked to grab trail-mix bars to get a boost of energy on the golf course, Executive Chef Shawn Culp felt that he could make a more nutritious and better-tasting bar to help curb their hunger pangs. Since its introduction in June, […]

The Union League Club of Chicago’s renovated first-floor space, featuring a coffee bar and casual lounge, is drawing plenty of attention from passersby while also proving to be a popular new attraction for members. The club has also opened an eighth-floor patio, for those who prefer elevated views.

Taking It to the Street


In June, The Union League Club of Chicago opened its new first-floor lounge, which was quickly dubbed “ONE” by members, as in “Meet me on One.” The opening of the lounge, designed to appeal to the concept of providing a “third place” for members outside of home and work, marked the completion of the fourth […]

Artist rendering of the proposed winter club.

Ridgefield, Conn. Residents Oppose Proposed Winter Club

By | August 6, 2018

The facility would house a bar, restaurant, bowling alley, and outdoor hockey rink, but residents who oppose the project say it would compromise the town’s rural setting. But the club’s developer says steps will be taken to avoid any disruption to the neighborhood, and that the proposal would serve the community better than the abandoned […]

Joe Krenn with his management team and staff.

One Direction


As you might expect, while Joe Krenn, CCM, CCE, was touring the clubhouse and property of Farmington Country Club (FCC) in Charlottesville, Va. in 2012, to decide if he wanted to make his next career move there and become its Chief Operating Officer/General Manager, numbers were running through his head. Krenn wasn’t computing projected costs […]