How All Chefs Can Use Baker’s Percentage


Forsyth CC’s Pastry Chef, Cody Middleton, believes more chefs should use baker’s percentage to simplify the way they approach recipes and formulas. Any chef who has studied baking and pastry probably has had a nightmare or two about “baker’s math” or “baker’s percentage.” (It’s a way to express the ratio of ingredients to one another […]

Pimento Cheese Babka

Inside Forsyth CC’s New Bread Program


The Winston-Salem, N.C. club’s comprehensive bread program caters to members’ tastes and preferences. Bread is the staff of life, and more clubs are paying closer attention to the breads they serve to their members. Such is the case at Forsyth Country Club (Winston-Salem, N.C.), where the newly appointed Pastry Chef, Cody Middleton, is in the […]

Revamping the Pastry Program at Forsyth CC


Forsyth’s CC’s new Pastry Chef, Cody Middleton, has big plans for the future of the club’s pastry program. Here’s how he plans to elevate and evolve all aspects. On my very first day as Pastry Chef of Forsyth Country Club (Winston-Salem, N.C.), the Executive Sous Chef told me that the pastry program here was now my […]

All Together Now


Offering a wide variety of group fitness classes in a chock-full schedule has become the norm for many club properties, as they strive to make the fitness center a place for every member.

Open Air


While updated patios are rarely the sole focus of club renovations, they can provide supplemental social space as a surprising and welcome bonus.

Forsyth CC Completes $7M renovation

By | September 21, 2015

A new $5.2 million, 18,000-sq. ft. wellness and fitness center has made the 102-year-old club in Winston-Salem, N.C. “more like a spa resort,” said COO Lee Smith. The new facility follows $2.2 million in enhancements to the main dining area that was completed in the spring.