The Milbrook Club's Grill Room

Same Space, New Face: An Inside View of The Milbrook Club’s New Look


A sharp new look, inside and out, is helping The Milbrook Club stand out in the crowded and competitive Greenwich, Conn. market. If Frank Sinatra had wanted to immortalize a club market where “if you make it there, you make it anywhere,” he might have sung about “Greenwich, Greenwich” instead of “New York, New York.” […]

Review Credits Topgolf With “Surprisingly Good Food”

By | September 11, 2018

A food and travel writer devoted much of his regular USA Today column on the growth of the golf-oriented entertainment venues to the full-service menu and beverage program that he cited as a “key to [Topgolf’s] success.” Food that includes “shareable specialty items that take a creative twist,” such as a Jumbo Pretzel Board charcuterie […]

VGM’s Club Grub Mixology Winner Announced


Angelina Mclean, Head Bartender of Eagle Creek Golf & Country Club in Naples, Florida is the Club Grub Mixology winner, after submitting her drink, Mr. and Mrs. T Mango Tango! Her citrucy creation provided customers with a kick, or in tango terms patada. Here’s Angelina’s winning recipe! 1 ½ oz. Ciroc Mango-Flavored Vodka ½ oz. […]

Gratuity Socialism


An automatic gratuity is nothing other than a forced entitlement that makes sure the revenue is there to support the staff. The true costs are masked and called something else.

Smucker’s® PlateScapers® Dessert Topping

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Smucker Foodservice


Finer with Age


Traditions drawn from the unique Donald Ross course at Monroe Golf Club are now matched with equal elegance inside its clubhouse. Many clubs honor their connections to legendary golf course architects by naming rooms in their clubhouses for them. But these sometimes prove to be gestures made in name only, with little carried through from […]