Electrolux Professional—Electrolux M2M Made-To-Measure Suite


Features: • Custom-built stainless-steel suite with over 40 different cooking options • One-of-a-kind modern design that is built to last • Cooking options include patented flower-flame burners, fry top with powertop plate, aquacooker, free-cooking top, full-surface induction, high-power wok and more Electrolux Professional https://professional.electroluxusa.com/food-service/m2m-made-measure/

Electrolux Professional Pressure Braising Pans


Features: • Able to achieve the best cooking results in terms of taste, food color and consistency, as well as vitamin preservation and less alteration of nutritional elements • In addition to pressure cooking, you can roast, pot-roast, braise, simmer, boil and steam in the unit • Cooking in the pressure braising pan assures a […]

Electrolux SpeeDelight


Features: • SpeeDelight is the only three-way cooking unit in the market • High-speed unit combines direct and indirect heating technologies within an intuitive, flexible and ergonomic design that is safe and practical to use and maintain • The upper plate settles with just the right amount of pressure for a perfect press • A […]

Electrolux SpeeDelight Cooks Three Times Faster than Standard Grill

By | June 28, 2017

Electrolux Professional’s brand new high-speed cooking solution took the top prize at this year’s Plus X Awards, and a new video showcases what it can do. Electrolux Professional’s newest and most innovative product of 2017, SpeeDelight, took the top prize at this year’s Plus X Awards. The new high-speed cooking solution produces delicious snacks in […]

Electrolux Professional 202 air-o-steam Touchline Combi Oven

  • The ultimate combi oven for banqueting and catering, this is the largest oven model available in the air-o-steam Touchline category, providing 20-pan capacity with roll-in banqueting trolley
  • In steam-only mode, the unit will be able to cook batch after batch with no recovery time needed; in combi mode, you can vary the temperature of the oven cavity while injecting humidity
  • Humidity control allows the operator to handle delicate items such as seafood or dessert, to experiment with sous-vide meals

Electrolux Professional


Electrolux air-o-convect Touchline

  • air-o-convect Touchline is the new boilerless combi oven by Electrolux Professional that enures a simple and intuitive way of cooking
  • Bake, oven fry, roast, grill, broil, proof, braise, regenerate sous vide, and choose from different humidity levels to personalize your cooking processes
  • Maintains moisture inside the chamber thanks to the high capacity and precision instant moistener

Electrolux Professional