RenoSys—Softside Slide Landing Pads


RenoSys—Softside Slide Landing Pads
RenoSys—Softside Slide Landing Pads

• Designed for slides that exit into
shallow water, slide-pad options make pool slides safer, with soft landing pads to help avoid injury
• Anchored with hardware to prevent floating or shifting
• Provide slip-resistant covered foam padding made of a thick foam pad bonded to a textured PVC material, so the PVC material will not peel or wash off
• Passes all CPSC-ASTM 1292 tests for impact attenuation for drop heights of 10 ft. (3” thick)
• Durable, watertight and slip-resistant, these pads are algae- and fungus-resistant, low-maintenance and hygienic
• Custom bumpers are also available to protect the heads of patrons as they enter a closed-flume slide, as well as pads for behind ladders, where falls often occur
• Available in four different colors: light blue, dark blue, white, and black
• Made in the USA with three-year warranty