A New Club Culinary Renaissance Is Here

Club chefs are pushing the envelope even further, experimenting with new ideas, techniques and strategies.

Over the past two decades, clubs’ food-and-beverage programs have evolved substantially. No one would deny that. We’ve abandoned mediocre, fast-casual fare and stepped up to provide upscale, modern and creative cuisine in a variety of formats and venues. We’re now both global and local, fully connected, and constantly changing.

In the midst of all this—or perhaps because of it—club chefs are pushing the envelope even further, experimenting with new ideas, techniques and strategies. What’s most exciting from my vantage point is that it seems that chefs are doing all of this with the full support, and encouragement, of both their boards and their GMs.

In a climate where clubs must reinvent themselves to attract new and younger members, the fact that club chefs and club F&B operations are being thrust into the spotlight has a tremendous upside.

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It’s exciting to see how this sweeping change is also elevating more chefs into new leadership positions. More than a handful of club chefs have reached out over the past few weeks to tell me about a new job offer that will advance their careers. At the same time, I’ve heard from other chefs that while their GM is resigning or moving to another club, they’re excited about what the future will hold in a new management structure where they’re going to take on a larger role. Others have reported that they’ve finally been able to bring on a strong sous chef, or that they’re about to embark on a kitchen or dining-room renovation they’ve been pining to undertake for years.

Change is in the air. And the possibilities for F&B are much more expansive today than they were yesterday.

Our promise to you, as we move forward with this renaissance, is to continue to be a platform for engagement and idea-sharing through this magazine and Club & Resort Business, as well as through our annual Chef to Chef Conference and our blogs, videos, newsletters and online content.

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