National Golf Foundation Issues Golf Media Report

The report examined the widespread reach of golf media and took a closer look at those who engage with the game on TV, in print and online. It found that one in four Americans—82 million people in total—consumed some sort of golf media in 2017.

The National Golf Foundation (NGF), the trade organization that works with every sector within the golf industry, has released “Golf Media – Consumer Engagement,” its latest member research publication on the U.S. golf media market.

The NGF’s latest study finds that one in four Americans—82 million people in total—consumed some form of golf media in 2017. This can include watching tournaments or other golf programs on TV, streaming live tournament coverage online, visiting golf related websites, reading golf magazines and other sport-specific print publications, and listening to golf audio.

The report reveals demographics and details about an abundant and diverse group t hat’s attractive to media companies, marketers and advertisers. For example, it found that almost 31 million people watched a golf tournament on TV or read about Tiger Woods even though they never played the game.

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Driven by the popularity of golf’s global professional tours and its star players, television dominates the golf media landscape across all levels of engagement, from non-golfers and casual participants to the most passionate followers of the game, the report found. Live-streaming engagement also continues to rise, thanks to the increasing presence of digital content and expanded windows of online tournament coverage.

Information in the report was sourced from NGF’s Participation and Engagement Study (PES), a continual (monthly) online tracking study. Data was collected over the course of a year from a total representative sample of 18,000 U.S. individuals, age 6 and over, which included about 2,400 golfers.

“Golf Media – Consumer Engagement” is now available at The report is free for NGF members, or $395 for non-members.