Hitting the Moving Targets


As club membership diversifies and club activities continue to expand, club communication strategies must also widen to cover all informational outlets and preferences. Addison Reserve CC’s new website (pictured) was designed with simplicity in mind, emphasizing easy navigation between pages and video vignettes, including a video overview of the property on the home page.   […]

Strawberry rhubarb with chamomile and lavender

The Clear Choice


The Country Club of Detroit is adding visual appeal to its culinary creations through eye-catching use of glassware from a historic local company. As detailed in C&RB’s February 2018 cover story (“A Shiny New Model at the CC of Detroit”), the Country Club of Detroit (CCD) in Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich. underwent an $11 million […]

Joe Krenn with his management team and staff.

One Direction


As you might expect, while Joe Krenn, CCM, CCE, was touring the clubhouse and property of Farmington Country Club (FCC) in Charlottesville, Va. in 2012, to decide if he wanted to make his next career move there and become its Chief Operating Officer/General Manager, numbers were running through his head. Krenn wasn’t computing projected costs […]

The Thinking Man’s (and Woman’s) GM


All club managers sign up for the job knowing that the constituency they serve will be made up of extremely bright and successful people. But it’s safe to say that no club membership can match the collective brainpower and accomplishments of those who belong to the Cosmos Club in Washington, D.C. The private social club […]

Serving the Cause


With a big boost from a sponsor that has helped to attract wide-ranging support, the Chicago Club Chefs Association continues to grow as a valuable educational, charitable and collegial organization. Volunteering can often bring back that feeling we all got as a kid after seeing an inviting pond or lake and eagerly running down to […]

A World of Pride


The Army and Navy Club and The Country Club of Virginia have promoted fun ways to encourage members to proudly display their club affiliations from the farthest corners of the globe. Getting members to keep their clubs front-of-mind while they’re going about their daily routines at home is a primary and constant challenge for every […]