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September 2015 - Club and Resort Business

Changing the Game at The Philadelphia Cricket Club

An influx of new members and management talent has marked a pivotal period in PCC’s long history and injected new energy and activity levels throughout its storied grounds.

Thumbs Up

Some clubs invest a few million dollars to reinvent themselves, some a lot more. All of them are seeing a good return on investment, and none of them are being managed the same way as in the past.

Inspiring Words

Carefully selected yearly themes have set the tone for the consistent success that earned Excellence in Club Management recognition for Christine Pooler, Merion GC’s General Manager.

Willing to Help

I commended “Hi there” for a) recognizing that her club needs help and b) wanting to be part of the solution. While I often hear club managers complain about meddlesome members, I wonder how many do all they can to find, and encourage, the “Hi theres” within their ranks.

Taking Care of Business

State-of-the-art facilities equipped with top technology are a must for clubs catering to their working members and guests.

The Right Recipe

Andy Morris went from tossing greens to mowing them, after leaving a successful culinary career to pursue a turf degree that led to his becoming Superintendent of the Country Club of Peoria.

Blending In

Warrenbrook Golf Course in Warren, N.J., employed a well-known local artist to help its concrete restrooms “disappear.”

Capital Ideas

The surge in golf course renovations has put a premium on purchase-or-lease decisions that must be made for mowing and maintenance equipment now needed for new layouts or turf.

Fitness For All

Faced with membership demographics that change drastically between seasons, fitness classes at The Club at Crested Butte aim to appeal to all ages and abilities.

Gone to the Dogs

Hound Ears Club, Blowing Rock, N.C., has taken canine hospitality to special levels with its new Grover’s Park.

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