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October 2015 - Club and Resort Business

Flying High Again in Florida

Already in its 30-year history, The Polo Club of Boca Raton has experienced highs, lows and many changes—and it’s now soaring again, with renewed facilities and a revived management and membership spirit.

Teaming with Success

Energy and enthusiasm levels among club managers and staff are as high as I’ve seen them in ten-plus years. But below the effervescent surface, it’s often not hard to detect some troubling turbulence.

Scorecard On the Best Idea in Golf

There are lessons here that can be applied to any club or golf course that wants to do something similar—and you should, if you’re serious about attracting younger players to the game.

Finely Furnished

Carefully selected (and sometimes custom-designed) indoor furniture can not only enhance a clubhouse’s aesthetic value, but also increase member usage.

Dual Purpose

With 300 cloud-free days a year and soaring temperatures in June through August, Santa Ana Golf Club in Santa Ana Pueblo, N.M., has a new structure that takes advantage of all that sunshine while protecting members from the heat.

Good for the Long Run

A long-standing supplier relationship has helped Pinehurst Resort enjoy worry-free operation for nearly all of its vehicle needs.

Taking It All In

What began as a plan to merely upgrade the member bar grew into a complete transformation of the 114-year-old Canoe Brook Country Club.

Summer Wrap-up

As a final farewell to the summer season, The First Tee of Aiken hosted a Goofy Golf Back-to-School Bash at Houndslake Country Club in Aiken, S.C., on August 29.

Breaking the Molds

Success has come in many forms for some of today’s leading golf instructors, but they’ve all shared one common approach: being open-minded in their search for creative and unique “teaching moments” that can lead to customized solutions.

Native Land

Naturalized areas on golf courses can save man-hours and maintenance costs while adding aesthetic appeal and providing environmental benefits.

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