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May 2014 - Club and Resort Business

All According to Plan

Steady leadership and direction has helped Tamarack CC stay on course in the demanding New York metro market for 85 years.

Big-City Attitude

Wilkes-Barre, Pa.’s Westmoreland Club has earned the right to be ranked among the best in the business—and for taking it to those heights, General Manager/COO Robert Williams has earned Excellence in Club Management recognition.

Grown-Up Approach

Executive Chef Tom Siders has led the development of kids’ culinary camps and other initiatives to introduce healthy eating concepts as a key part of family programming at Hopkinton CC.

Habitat for Tranquility

At Innisbrook Golf Resort’s Indaba Spa, creating a placid experience for members and guests is paramount.

Sand Saves

Bunker maintenance can be a time-consuming, labor-intensive task for golf course maintenance staffs—but new innovations in bunker construction are helping grounds crews save time and cut costs.

As Big as All Outdoors

Chefs across the country are broadening their horizons to bring their clubs’ signature styles to the great outdoors.

The Furnishing Touch

Updated furniture goes a long way in creating an entirely new look and feel for a property.

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