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March 2017 - Club and Resort Business

Rolling on the River

By expanding its reach as a preferred destination while aggressively promoting a new membership option, The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort is blending the best of all worlds.

One Big Happy Business

Many private clubs now tout how a driving goal behind a recent renovation was to create a more “resort-like” feel; at the same time, traditional resorts are creating club components for those who want to access and use their facilities and amenities on a more frequent basis.

Plan Strategically, Measure Regularly

When I meet a GM whose business card also carries the COO title, it is pretty much a lock that he or she is affiliated with a successful club.

Kid-Tested, Parent-Approved

Family-oriented club properties are building robust youth programs that go well beyond just keeping kids entertained.

Whirlwind Week

Back-to-back exhibitions in Orlando for the Golf Industry Show and Club Managers Association of America helped superintendents and managers get up to speed on the newest innovations for their operations.

Forewarned and Forearmed

It’s tough to outsmart Mother Nature, but superintendents can use a variety of practices to try to best protect their properties from weather-related trauma.

Locked and Loaded

Men’s and women’s locker rooms are solidifying their status as an essential component of a club’s overall design.

Ending the Perfect Evening

A spirited sip or fragrant smoke can give members and guests a big finish to a great dinner—and good reasons to linger a little longer.

The “Short Answer” to Golf’s Woes?

Offering players a chance to discover and enjoy the game with less difficulty, cost and time can provide more choices, fun—and play.

Quick Study

It took 10 years for Tim Campbell to settle on a career and complete his education—but after choosing golf course maintenance, he elevated himself, and the Palm Beach (Fla.) Par 3 Golf Course, to unique standings.

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