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March 2014 – Club and Resort Business

Going the Distance

New amenities will help Portland GC build on its rich golf heritage as it starts its second century.

Drowning in Bad PR

There seem to have been a lot of troubling signs already this year that the golf gods are pretty upset about something.

Elite Company

On February 7th at The Country Club of Orlando (Fla.), the 2013 recipients of the Excellence in Club Management (ECM) Awards, co-sponsored by Club & Resort Business and the McMahon Group, were honored during a special reception, dinner and ceremony held in conjunction with the Club Managers Association of America’s annual conference.

Warming to the Tasks

The industry’s winter shows in Florida brought together bright outlooks and a heated pace of new product and service introductions that promised to provide especially good energy for the new season.

Passion Prevails

Top club managers’ success is as much a function of what’s in their hearts as what’s in their toolbox—and their passion is contagious.

History in the Remaking

A golf course renovation and restoration project at Tequesta Country Club propelled the storied Florida property into the 21st century, while still staying true to its illustrious past.

Finishing with a Flourish

Need some new ways to tempt more of your diners to indulge in dessert? Try mini-portions, fresh fruits and nostalgic favorites with a twist.

Off the Back Burner

As clubs bolster their dining venues, behind-the-scenes updates to the kitchen should follow suit.

Holistic Approach

The Players Club at Deer Creek is largely self-sufficient for its golf course construction projects, and a solid supplier relationship helps to ensure that the equipment needed for any job is always at the ready.

Instant Miles Per Gallon

How to improve the areas that are unknowingly hurting our careers.

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