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June 2017 - Club and Resort Business

New Senses of Purpose

Seeing some golf course properties move on to a new life is by no means a bad thing, either for the club industry or the affected communities.

Hire the Right People and Get Out of the Way

Of course [the Board has] to monitor budgets and approve capital expenditures—but then they should get out of the way and enjoy the club.

Educational Value

Austin Lawton, Golf Course Superintendent of Forest Lakes GC, networked with turf industry leaders to receive donations of goods and services to upgrade the golf course.

As American As…

Addison Reserve Country Club's "Made In USA"-themed end-of-season party was fueled by the contentious 2016 Presidential election.

Healing Hands

At Lansdowne Resort and Spa, guests who are affected by chronic and terminal illnesses can now experience hands-on treatments to better manage their medical conditions.

Moving Heaven and Earth

After a signature tree was lost in Hurricane Matthew, Frederica Golf Club excavated another oak tree on the property and moved it to the spot where the original tree stood.

Breaking News

Through its Kids Newscast, Champions Run is spreading the word about its youth events by putting kids front and center.

Getting Serious with Sushi

The Arbutus Club's dedicated, in-house sushi program has expanded to become its own department to meet the demands of members.

Feel the Beet

Sugar Beet Market at Heritage Shores is designed to serve as a general store, gift shop, apparel boutique, fresh food and wine market, casual indoor and outdoor dining outlet, pub, entertainment venue, and more.

The Long Game

Manasquan River GC’s “Junior Tri-Olympics” transformed the driving range into party central for the 40-and-under crowd.

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