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June 2016 - Club and Resort Business

When a Raise Is Not a Raise

Political pressure will be on how workers get raises, not improvement in job performance. None of this will be good for our business or for the public weal.

Taking a Stand

A golf club across the street from the San Bernardino shootings became an emergency-response site. We all hope that’s as close as any industry property gets to an active-shooter situation. But we can’t stop at hope.

Road Safe

Sailfish Point Golf Club's golf cart driving test has resulted in an 85% drop in reported golf cart incidents since it rolled out four years ago.

Growth Experience

The junior caddie program at Farmington Country Club was intended to benefit adult players, but had equal value for the caddies themselves.

Reality Check

Town & Country Club's seminar for employees on how to handle active shooter situations and workplace violence proved to be “the absolutely best-received seminar ever conducted for my staff,” General Manager/COO Vincent Tracy said.

All Hands on Deck

The Royal Canadian Yacht Club of Toronto launched its Serve to Sail program four years ago to attract new members, trading the entrance fee for services for the club.

Couples That Play Together…

The Kansas City Country Club's tennis and golf departments combined forces to create "Racquet Golf," to bring couples together.

Keeping Up with the Kids

To encourage out-of-town families to get involved at Sailfish Point Golf Club, the Stuart, Fla., property put together a youth "jingle bell triathlon."

Rounding Up the Rascals

The Kansas City Country Club's “Rascal Roundup” promotion encourages parents to get out on the tennis court with their kids to work on the fundamentals of the game.

Santa’s Eyes and Ears

As the “Elf on the Shelf” has become a holiday staple in households throughout the country, Druid Hills Golf Club in Atlanta got in on the action with its own version of the program.

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