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June 2015 - Club and Resort Business

Sneak Peek

Governors Club created the 30-Day All-Access Pass program to connect both current and prospective members through club events.

Inspiration from Within

Even the most traditional clubs are looking to break away from how-we’ve-always-done-it approaches, while others are making extra efforts to develop exclusive distinctions that only they can provide to members and guests.

Driving Business

Charlotte Country Club's transportation program gives members the opportunity to be shuttled around town—to the airport, to and from the club, and even for all-day services.

The Smell of Success

Ibis Golf & Country Club allows members to create custom scents with its Aroma Design Bar.

The “WOW” Factor

Greensboro (N.C.) Country Club drew on the popularity of CrossFit to develop its own spin: the Workout of the Week.

What One Night Can Mean

Jim James demonstrated that he had goals and standards for service and they were inviolate. He trained what is largely a temporary staff to that standard, and they delivered.

Youthful Glow

For its “Glow Golf Campout,” Greensboro (N.C.) Country Club incorporated a campout on the driving range to include multiple departments.

Dog Day Afternoons

Dog-centric events at The Kansas City Country Club and Seattle Yacht Club help bring together members who might not otherwise socialize.

Letting Nature Take Its Course

The Audubon International-organized BioBlitz, a species-counting competition that creates awareness about the environmental value of habitats, was hosted at Austin Country Club.

Staffs with the Right Stuff

Golf professionals still hold the keys to stimulating more participation in the sport. Here are profiles of several who have found especially effective ways to unlock new interest and enthusiasm.

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