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July 2017 - Club and Resort Business

Restoring Hoosier Heaven

New management has revived the original owner’s dream for a special Indiana retreat at Victoria National GC.

A Proper Dressing Down

Some of the industry’s oldest-school properties are finally shaking themselves loose from hidebound traditions regarding not only dress, but also facility decor and their general club atmospheres.

What’s the Big Idea?

The club and resort market is highly fragmented and each club has its own DNA. We learned early on that idea-sharing among clubs is a common occurrence.

Outfitting the Great Outdoors

Investing in updated outdoor furnishings can help clubs better serve—and seat—their members.

Meaningful Contribution

Twin Orchard CC has embraced a leading role in a training program to help residents of Little City learn marketable foodservice skills.

Just Keep Swimming

Pool programming that suits members’ changing needs is the best way to ensure that the most family-friendly amenity lives up to expectations.

Well-Equipped for Success

A boost from new management under Troon Privé has added to the culinary momentum driven by Executive Chef Denise Caurdy-O’Connor at Knollwood CC.

Cultivating Growth

Hound Ears Club’s new community garden is already so popular, there are “no vacancies” for its beds.

Practicing Cutting-Edge Safety

While mowing is a routine practice for golf course maintenance staffs, superintendents must be diligent about providing proper and consistent training to ensure the safety of their workers when operating equipment.

The Magic Touch

Joe Furlow’s accomplishments in reviving The Academy of Magical Arts have been every bit as eye-opening as the acts that perform in the Hollywood,...

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