July 2016

Taking the Plunge


The management-firm pool continues to get broader and deeper, as more club, resort and golf properties decide they don’t want to face the post-recession world alone.

Publisher's Letter

Plan B


Happily, the majority of clubs have righted their ship by committing to Board governance focused on strategy and an empowered, skilled management team.

Editor’s Memo

Getting Our Face Time


In one 30-minute national nightly newscast, viewers were exposed to three reports that touched on noteworthy shifts in how prominent club and resort properties are now owned, operated, marketed and perceived.

Featured, Today's Manager

Perpetual Progress


Following a daily regimen of “prove and improve” has helped Michael Stott, CCM, CCE, direct the escalating success of Baltimore (Md.) Country Club and reach a personal pinnacle— Excellence in Club Management Awards recognition.