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July 2014 - Club and Resort Business

The Strong State of the Governors Club

Sound administration of a property that offers a uniquely diverse appeal continues to earn enthusiastic approval from the members of this North Carolina community.

Color Blindness

There are many examples of why the green-or-brown question is not a black-and-white issue.

The Forest and the Trees

Following trends and applying what will work at your club is smart. Providing consistent, memorable service is priceless.

Passing the Tests

A partnership between a “living laboratory” golf course and a leading manufacturer of grounds maintenance equipment is helping more club properties learn to buy with confidence.

Big, Friendly Dinosaur

Getting kids onto the golf course (and making it fun) can be a challenge, so Grand Elk Golf Club in Granby, Colo., brought Golfzilla onto its grounds.

Beyond the “Grass Ceiling”

Many club and resort properties are proving there are no limits to growing the women’s side of golf, given the proper mix of fundamentals with fun.

Singular Purpose

Strong synergies among an experienced management team have led to steady success for Westwood CC—and earned Excellence in Club Management recognition for its long-time leader, GM/COO Tony D’Errico, CCM, CCE.

The “New New” Tabernacle

Even if implementation of the new GM/CEO governance model may not be possible, all clubs can learn from its guiding principles.

Water on the Brain

With increased emphasis on water usage and conservation, golf superintendents are finding eco-friendly ways to manage their irrigation inputs while still maintaining top-notch course conditions.

Attention Getters

Neutral tent spaces serve as ideal outdoor venues for member events and can strengthen a property’s identity.

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