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February 2017 - Club and Resort Business

Changes in the Desert Wind

Notable shifts in one of the industry’s key markets, Scottsdale, Ariz., reflect how club and resort properties must respond to new trends in golf, recreation and leisure.

Your Loss, Not Ours

As one GM who had done nothing but distinguish himself (and his club) in his career wrote in letting me know about his sudden resignation: “As you might surmise, this is a political reaction on my part having to do with my current President, who feels so strongly he can run the club that I intend to give him every opportunity to do so.”

No Budget, No Plan

If a club needs new members, it should be approached like any other business marketing plan. Figure out how many new members you want and where they are, and employ strategies to get them.

Playing Solid Defense

It may not be possible to completely eradicate disease and other threats from golf course greens, but superintendents have a number of available resources to keep them at bay.

High Foot Traffic

The third and final phase of a club-wide renovation at Lost Tree Club in North Palm Beach, Fla., has yielded a fitness facility that nearly twice as many members now use.

Game, Set, Match

New approaches to tennis that adjust both facilities and programming are ensuring that players stay in the game for life.

Jazzing Up the Menu

With their distinctive combinations of specialty ingredients, French-inspired cooking techniques and sassy seasonings, Cajun and Creole cuisine have earned their place on dining-room menus far beyond their original bayou boundaries.

Spreading the Splash

Thinking beyond the pool walls boosts a club’s usefulness to members, both pre- and post-swim.

On the Right Track

As part of celebrating its 90th anniversary with a newly renovated golf course, Midland Country Club also rolled out a new golf car fleet and GPS system that can help to deliver a permanent “wow” factor.

Four with More

The 2016 Winners of the Excellence in Club Management Awards, co-sponsored by the McMahon Group and Club & Resort Business.

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