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December 2017 - Club and Resort Business

Money and ‘Me, Too’

Reports about GM pay and sexual-harassment settlements—even if misleading or unfair— only further highlight the need for club managers to have heightened awareness about the spotlight they’re under.

Leading the Charge at Chattanooga G&CC

Adding value to dues dollars through inclusive modern amenities is paying off with an infusion of new members for the 120-year-old Tennessee club. Peppered throughout...

It’s Still a Tax on Mediocre Service

Clubs today recognize that they have to be the dining designation of choice, not a member responsibility or tax.

Days That Pay Off Year-Round

Dressing up standard “Demo Days” with special features and benefits can add up to a win-win-win for all involved: equipment manufacturers, members and other attendees, and the clubs that host the events.

A Real Find

For the holidays, Oklahoma City Golf & Country Club opened Maxwell’s, a pop-up speakeasy located in an area otherwise used for storage.

In a League of His Own

To help Meadowlake GC keep pace in a competitive market, Michael League has taken on a dual role as Director of Operations and Golf Course Superintendent.

On Higher Ground

Thanks to a comprehensive reconstruction and restoration project that elevated and revamped the entire golf course, The Preserve at Oak Meadows can finally enjoy calm after any storm.

Preferred Charges

Since leasing a fleet of newly introduced golf cars with lithium batteries in March, River Hills CC has already seen positive results.

Raising a Glass

Clubs are saluting their members by creating welcoming and comfortable pub and bar space—and getting enthusiastic recognition in return, in the form of more frequent and prolonged visits.

Nights to Remember

Whether it’s to celebrate a season, a culture, an ingredient, a spirited pairing, or simply a family night out, theme dinners give culinary staffs a chance to exercise their creativity and members to delight in something different.

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