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August 2016 - Club and Resort Business

Refreshing the View at the CC of Peoria

The 119-year-old Illinois club is finding new ways to make the most of its picturesque surroundings and proud traditions while making needed changes with the times.

Time to Find a New Brush

This Presidential election year is especially agitating, for obvious reasons. But the number-one irritant remains the same: Political ‘experts’ who think they know what kind of people belong to country clubs, and how they’ll vote.

Jordan Spieth and Rory McIlroy Are Wimps (So is Jason Day)

I doubt golf should even be an Olympic sport, but if men’s field hockey can be (courtesy of Pakistan), then I guess golf should be, too.

Room to Grow

On-site lodging allows club members to extend their daily visits and provides overnight accommodations for guests.

Making the Transition

As turf changes at golf course properties across the country, so are the mowing inputs required to keep new grasses in top condition.

Building a Finer Line

Chafing dishes are making way for more action stations and interactive, build-your-own setups, as entertainment now shares the stage with stellar food at clubs’ banquets and on their buffets.

TGIF (Tower Ridge Golf Invites Families)

Par 3 Fridays allow beginners and families to enjoy a nine-hole stretch of the golf course at Tower Ridge Country Club, with new and different orange tees set up each week.

Guiding Growth

By “managing by walking around,” Terra S. H. Waldron, CCM, CCE, has guided The Desert Highlands Country & Golf Club Association toward steady progress and growth, and earned Excellence in Club Management Award recognition for herself.

Chef Hosie’s Booya-Mary

Submitted by Hosie Bourgeois, Executive Chef, Beau Chene Country Club, Mandeville, La.

Lobster, Lemon and Baby Artichokes

C&RB CLUB RECIPE Lobster, Lemon and Baby Artichokes Submitted by Angel Camacho, Executive Chef, Alpine Country Club, Demarest, N.J. Yield: 2 servingsFor the Fish Preparation: 3...

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