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April 2016 - Chef to Chef

The Science of Pickling

Executive Chef Mike Ramsey of Jacksonville (Fla.) Golf & Country Club (JGCC) is a self-proclaimed pickle geek. At JGCC, which does $1.9 million in...

Build a Better Sandwich

Sandwiches can bring together some of chefs’ most creative ideas.Sandwiches are a culinary wonder. The balance between bread, meat, cheese and toppings is the...

Single-Serving Pies

As pies continue to trend up, Franklin Hills CC has found a sophisticated way to elevate this classic dessert.Pastry Chef Christine Haering has been...

How to Elevate Vodka Cocktails

Chad Berkey, Master Mixologist, offers five tips for driving vodka sales. Housemade mixers, interesting glassware and some finesse from a server or bartender who knows...

Making Dining New Again at New Orleans CC

As New Orleans CC takes its food-and-beverage program in an exciting new culinary direction, General Manager Bobby Crifasi shares how the tradition-rich club always...

How Tetherow GC Leverages Signature Action Stations

At Tetherow Golf Club, action stations allow for a la minute execution as well as member-chef interaction.

Grills To Go

Lugging a grill from one place on a property to another can be exhausting, but thanks to mobile outdoor grills, club and resort chefs don’t have to stress over transporting these workhorses.

Why Club Chefs Get Certified

More credibility and a dedication to education are among the top reasons chefs seek certification.

A Chef’s Influence

Stockdale CC’s Executive Chef, Erik Copeland, stresses quality, freshness and teamwork.

In Pursuit of the Perfect Pickle

Pickled elements add acid, nuance and brightness to a dish.

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