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April 2014 – Club and Resort Business

Rounding Up Success

Cordillera Ranch has earned swift recognition—and steady membership growth—through its “seven clubs in one” approach.

A Brighter Picture

After it became all too clear that members weren’t holding the club in high regard, The Gallery GC took aggressive steps to put a better image on permanent display.

Peaceful Co-Existence

Nature and golf walk arm-in-arm at The Sanctuary Golf Club, thanks to the care that Kyle Sweet, CGCS, takes to provide and preserve a “special place” for the game.

Staying Sharp

iLife, a member-led enrichment program, is keeping Spring Run Golf Club's aging membership active and on site.

Earning Their Stripes

Fairway mowing gives superintendents the opportunity to embrace artistry and aesthetics while using the latest techniques and equipment to create the best product most efficiently.

Functional Fitness

Filling a club’s fitness center with the proper equipment requires a thoughtful balance between member wants and facility needs.

Fresh Outdoor Ideas

Stylish, flexible outdoor dining spaces revitalize member activity and provide a boost to F&B programs.

“Short-Sighted” Visionaries

Some clubs are finding that “coming up short” may be the best way to break out of golf-round stagnation, as they gain big benefits from small-course strategies.

A Light at the Forest

Day and night, the new clock at Biltmore Forest CC now stands as a proud beacon of the club’s rich history—and as a useful reminder of current schedules as well.

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