Friday Filmfest: Golf Feats Make the Guinness World Records

Golfer Michael Furrh reclaimed the longest usable golf club record when he shot 63 yards with a 20-foot, six-inch steel-shafted driver. In South Carolina, the Plum Quick Racing team modified a golf cart to reach a sped of 118.76 mph, also setting a record.

Two golf-oriented feats recently found their way into the Guinness World Records.

Michael Furrh of Arlington, Texas attempted to reclaim the record for the longest usable golf club on November 3, 2014 at Rolling Hills Country Club in Arlington, Texas.

Michael’s first attempts of the day were with a 19-foot 5-inch graphite driver weighing 36 ounces. The existing record was broken with a shot that carried 89 yards. Furrh then decided to surprise the crowd and swing a 20-foot six-inch steel shafted driver weighing 52 ounces. On the first swing he hit the ball 45 yards on the fly, establishing another new record. Furrh proceeded to hit a few more shots, with the longest shot carrying 63 yards in distance.

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There was a crowd of at least thirty people on hand including family, friends, and many members of the media. At the end of the day, Furrh successfully claimed the status of 2-Time Guinness World Record Holder.

World-record swing:

See the 20-foot, six-inch driver in slow motion below:

Earlier this year on October 31, another record was set as the Plum Quick Racing team at Darlington Dragway in South Carolina modified a golf cart to reach a speed of 118.76 mph, capturing the “Fastest Golf Cart” record.