Former Yahoo CEO Seeks to Turn Funeral Home into Club for Female Professionals

Marissa Mayer is seeking permission from the city of Palo Alto, Calif. to turn the property she bought five years ago into a private club that would provide workspace and networking events. But some in the residential neighborhood are expressing concerns about traffic, parking and the potential for large events to be held with amplified music.

Marissa Mayer, the former CEO of Yahoo!, the web services provider, is hoping the city of Palo Alto, Calif. will allow her to turn a former funeral home into a private club, NBC Bay Area of San Jose/San Francisco reported. But some nearby residents are voicing concerns that the club would bring too much traffic and noise to the neighborhood.

Mayer hopes she can turn the property she bought about five years ago into a private club aimed at helping female professionals, NBC Bay Area reported. She hopes the space can be used to offer work space and networking events—but she also wants to hold special events for up to 400 people there, with amplified music, and that has led to residents voicing concerns.

“My concern is the loud music in the night,” said Anita Gautam, who lives next door to the property. “We don’t want to be disturbed by loud music in our neighborhood.”

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Gautam is also concerned about the traffic a club would generate, claiming that those who live in the neighborhood already struggle to find parking. Residents are reportedly only allowed a permit for one spot on the street, NBC Bay Area reported.

“If other people come from other neighborhoods, then we will have a parking problem also,” Gautam said.

Others in the neightborhood, however, told NBC Bay Area that they would welcome having a place nearby where they could network, take classes and bond with their families.

A special city council hearing was scheduled to be held on the issue to allow all sides to voice their concerns or support on Monday night. September 10th, NBC Bay Area reported.

The station’s full video report that includes footage of the funeral home property and surrounding neighborhood can be viewed at