Browse and Buy


Revamped pro shops are beckoning golfers and non-golfers alike with eye-catching displays and merchandise specials. Popping into the pro shop for a quick club fitting isn’t the only reason any more to pay a visit to this part of the property. With more clubs and courses investing in this side of their business, and expanding […]

In the Swim at Spring Creek Golf & Country Club


Spring Creek G&CC’s new poolside snack bar has proved to be the most popular, and profitable, aspect of its pool facility renovation. There’s nothing better on hot summer days than lounging poolside and enjoying a pool deck—and that enjoyment is significantly increased when there’s a snack bar nearby. And as dining has become a bigger […]

Thinking Outside the (Clubhouse) Box with Outdoor Furnishings


Outdoor furnishings are getting a makeover, as clubs dress up their al fresco dining and poolside hot spots. Post-game cocktails or a quick bite after a swim now mean more than good eats— they also mean good seats. As club and resort properties designate more capital to facility-wide improvements, they’re turning their attention to their […]

The Milbrook Club's Grill Room

Same Space, New Face: An Inside View of The Milbrook Club’s New Look


A sharp new look, inside and out, is helping The Milbrook Club stand out in the crowded and competitive Greenwich, Conn. market. If Frank Sinatra had wanted to immortalize a club market where “if you make it there, you make it anywhere,” he might have sung about “Greenwich, Greenwich” instead of “New York, New York.” […]

The new display kitchen for Toscana CC’s La Cucina restaurant.

Fine Lines


Expanded and redesigned kitchens are cooking up good business, as clubs increase their F&B margins while bringing new efficiencies to their food-preparation processes. Outfitting a club or resort kitchen is a tall order, and one that calls for an approach to laying out the space with an eye toward efficiency for both chefs and servers. […]

The Union League Club of Chicago’s renovated first-floor space, featuring a coffee bar and casual lounge, is drawing plenty of attention from passersby while also proving to be a popular new attraction for members. The club has also opened an eighth-floor patio, for those who prefer elevated views.

Taking It to the Street


In June, The Union League Club of Chicago opened its new first-floor lounge, which was quickly dubbed “ONE” by members, as in “Meet me on One.” The opening of the lounge, designed to appeal to the concept of providing a “third place” for members outside of home and work, marked the completion of the fourth […]