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Welcome to the Maintenance Employees page of Club + Resort Business' Playbook, a new online reference series for clubs and resorts. Whether you have questions on attracting quality interns or keeping your best employees, the resources below can help position your facility for success. Created by C+RB’s editorial team, this playbook features answers to some of the most frequently asked questions as well as in-depth articles about mastering the club and resort industries.

Rob Thomas

Editor, C+RB

Staffing Stars

How to Create Intern Experiences

How Golf Course Superintendents Can Attract Prize Recruits

Can Maintenance Facilities Affect Employee Morale?

Increasing Interns’ Influence on Golf Course Maintenance

Depending on how a building is constructed, the materials used, and how space is established, the facility can affect employee morale. And attitudes, in turn, can influence golf course conditions.

To recruit interns, superintendents rely on job boards and relationships with turfgrass programs and professors nationwide.

By investing in programs that support turfgrass management students, golf course properties and their superintendents can earn as many dividends as the blue-chip interns they mentor.

The Desert Highlands Golf Club is crafting a new internship program at the property. The program will play to the strengths of the property, which has an arid climate.

Bunker Brief

What Particle Shape Makes the Best Bunker Sand?

How Should a Golfer Rake a Bunker?

What is the “Aussie method” of Raking Bunkers?

When playing from a bunker, the USGA suggests golfers enter from the low side, smooth the surface as uniformly as possible, exit from the low side, and knock the sand off shoes.

A USGA study suggests that choosing the right bunker sand, particle shape is just as critical as the particle size distribution and is characterized by the degree of angularity and sphericity.

Just like there are various types of rakes and ideas of where rakes should be placed, there are also different methods of raking bunkers.

On the Green

How Do Golf Courses Measure Greens Speeds?

What Are the Two Basic Types of Greens Mowers?

Why Do Golf Courses Mow and Roll Putting Greens?

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