Taking Many Shapes


Club and resort properties are developing a variety of new aquatic facilities to maximize their appeal to water-loving members. Water. Humans love it, and not just because it makes a refreshing drink on a warm day. We enjoy exercising in it, splashing in it for fun, gliding across it on boats and just listening to […]

You Get What You Pay For


If you are paying a premium for seasonal help above the regional average, you become the place people want to work, as opposed to where people are willing to work. As the club season kicks into full gear, we are going to be faced with something we haven’t faced before: full employment. I cannot walk […]

Going for the Gold


The Kid’s Triathlon at Myers Park CC starts with swimming pool laps, followed by a bike ride through the golf course and then a running segment that ends at an inflatable finish line set up on the 18th hole. At Myers Park Country Club in Charlotte, N.C., a Kid’s Triathlon has been held each year […]

Hollman Veneer Locker Doors

  • Patented all-veneered doors engineered for longevity in locker-room environments
  • Carefully chosen selection of wood species and stains, with custom stains available
  • One-inch-thick doors available to enhance luxury look and feel of lockers

Hollman, Inc.



Pulling Together


To keep kids and families engaged with its 4th of July celebration, River Oaks Country Club organized a race for which participants made their own boats, using just cardboard and duct tape. Like most modern clubs, the members of River Oaks Country Club in Houston, Texas are skewing younger and younger, with more families joining […]