Chicken Corn Dog

1 cup    all-purpose flour
2/3 cup    yellow cornmeal
1/4 cup    sugar, granulated
1 1/2 tsp.    baking powder
1 tsp.    salt, kosher
2 tbsp.    bacon fat
1 ea.    egg, beaten
1 1/4 cups    buttermilk
1/2 tsp    baking soda
2 lbs.    chicken bratwurst, 2.5-inch (recipe follows)
20 ea.    wooden skewers


  • Preheat deep fryer to 350°F.
  • In a mixing bowl, stir flour, cornmeal, sugar, baking powder, and salt. Stir in melted bacon fat.
  • Whisk together egg, buttermilk, and baking soda. Make a well in the flour mixture and pour the egg mixture into the well. Mix until everything is smooth and well-blended.
  • Dry the pre-cooked chicken bratwurst, so batter sticks, and place on wooden skewers or lollipop sticks.
  • Dip the bratwurst into the batter, spinning them as you lift them out of the batter. Deep-fry a few at a time until they become golden brown, and the internal temperature is 165°F.
  • Drain corn dogs on a roasting rack. Serve.

Yield: 20 servings

Chicken Bratwurst

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5 lbs.    chicken thigh meat, boneless
1 cup    whole milk, iced
1 ea.    egg, whole
1 cup    non-fat powdered dry milk
1 1/2 tsp.    white pepper, ground
1 1/2 tsp    nutmeg, ground
2 tbsp.    salt, kosher
1 tsp.    TCM, curing salt (if smoking)


  • Grind thigh meat through a 3/8-inch die. Then regrind half of the ground mixture and add together.
  • In a blender, combine the remaining ingredients.
  • Combine the two ingredients together, and “knead” until mixture becomes tacky and sticks together.
  • Pipe bratwurst into casing, plastic wrap, or make into patties.
  • Poach at 180°F, until internal temperature reaches 165°F.
  • Cool, and grill, sauté, or roast.

Yield: 5 lbs.

Recipe by Sean Sennet, Executive Chef, River Hills Country Club, Lake wylie, S.C.