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Yoga Country Club

Expanding Yoga Programs in Clubs and Resorts

Yoga programs in many forms are taking hold in all types of club and resort properties—and proving to be one of the most flexible...

Taking Many Shapes

Club and resort properties are developing a variety of new aquatic facilities to maximize their appeal to water-loving members. Water. Humans love it, and not...

Going for the Gold

The Kid's Triathlon at Myers Park CC starts with swimming pool laps, followed by a bike ride through the golf course and then a...

Hollman Veneer Locker Doors

  • Patented all-veneered doors engineered for longevity in locker-room environments
  • Carefully chosen selection of wood species and stains, with custom stains available
  • One-inch-thick doors available to enhance luxury look and feel of lockers
Hollman, Inc.

Pulling Together

To keep kids and families engaged with its 4th of July celebration, River Oaks Country Club organized a race for which participants made their...

Taking a Swing

Though tennis will always be a standard club amenity, racquet sport variations are catching on as complementary offerings. At the 10th Annual Tennis Industry Association...

Kids at Play

When tailored to the interests of younger members, club camp programs can instill the physical and social skills they need to flourish.

Days That Pay Off Year-Round

Dressing up standard “Demo Days” with special features and benefits can add up to a win-win-win for all involved: equipment manufacturers, members and other attendees, and the clubs that host the events.

Sellout Performers

Some of the most valuable members of properties’ golf staffs have nothing to do with playing the game—but plenty to do with maximizing the sales power of the pro shop.

Beyond Face Time

Golf instruction has gone high-tech, as teaching pros find that the extra cost for new tools that go well beyond the capabilities of one-dimensional video can be justified by faster and more precise analysis of all that goes into a student’s swing.

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