Small Plate, Big Impact


Club chefs are serving up tasty tapas-style dishes that allow members to be more venturesome in their eating, while helping to control inventory and reduce waste.

Playing Well Again in Peoria (Arizona)


A club that rode the wave of the Phoenix-area development boom—and crash—is now out in front of the recovery effort. When the housing boom of the 2000s raced through Arizona, spawning planned communities and golf courses so fast that they seemed destined to outnumber the cacti, the epicenter of growth was Peoria—a heretofore sleepy town […]

Fit for Life


Through well-managed expectations and thoughtful program implementation, Royal Oaks CC has built its new fitness center for the long haul. Expecting instant and dramatic results from weight-loss or bodybuilding programs inevitably leads to disappointment, after those initial, full-of-anticipation looks in the mirror reveal that all of the extra pounds haven’t magically vanished, or the biceps […]

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