How Andover CC Manages Waste


Donna Whelden, Executive Chef of North Andover (Mass.) Country Club, challenges her team as well as herself to come up with innovative ways to cross-utilize products and minimize waste. “It doesn’t have to be over the top,” she says. “The goal is simply to minimize what goes into the trash.” One of Whelden’s all-time favorite […]

Sweet Success: How to Sell Club Desserts


Club pastry chefs are infusing dessert menus with creative dishes and delicious descriptions. From sugary custards to chocolatey cakes, club dessert menus are a place of sweet joy. They are also often a club’s last chance to “wow” members and guests after a satisfying meal. “Dessert isn’t a must-have for most people,” says Laura Herman, […]


What Club Chefs ‘Knead’ to Know about Pizza


As dining skews casual and small plates remain popular, pizza is the perfect menu item to satisfy both trends. Pizza has an eatability and versatility that can’t be beat. It satisfies both the casual dining and small-plate trends. It can be dressed up or down. It’s good any time of day. And it has both […]

Understanding and Applying One-, Two- and Three-Way Wine Pairings


Robert Mancuso, CMC, Executive Chef of the Bohemian Club, shares his philosophy and process for expanding and enhancing wine and food pairings. The rules about pairing wine with food are being rewritten to keep pace with evolving culinary trends. Instead of following old-school guidelines, club chefs are now pinpointing specific characteristics in different wines and […]

pastry buffet

How to Design a Pastry Buffet


Knowing which desserts will be most popular with members on the pastry buffet is a key part of the process. Dessert tables and pastry buffets are true works of art, and club pastry chefs are applying their sweet eye for design to the layout of these delicious displays. Brittani Brooker, Executive Pastry Chef of Ballantyne Country […]

casual club dining

What Makes Casual Dining Casual?


More clubs are offering relaxed dining options for members who want to wear jeans, socialize and share plates. The “casual” debate is constantly on the table in clubs across the country. Casual, as it applies to food, dress and décor, is generally well-received. But casual—as it applies to how a club serves its members—is not. […]