His Title Was Executive Chef, But They Called Him God


The Union Club of Cleveland’s GM/COO, Lawrence McFadden, CMC, believes chefs succeed most when they are well-rounded and curious about life beyond the kitchen. Back in 1998, I attended the Ritz-Carlton’s annual food and beverage conference in Hawaii. During the event, a who’s who of the company assembled to share a global vision for our […]

How Do I Help My Team Be Better Today Than They Were Yesterday?


Chad Myers, Executive Chef of Dubuque Golf & Country Club, is working to improve his management skills and thus his club’s culinary operation. What is it that makes a good or decent cook? What are the characteristics you look for in a new hire? I generally start with the most basic requirement, that being that […]

Penelope Wong

Making a Graceful Exit from Glenmoor CC


As Executive Chef Penelope Wong begins the process of leaving Glenmoor CC, she is spending her final weeks being transparent and offering as much opportunity to her team members as possible. The term “short-timer”, when used in reference to an employee, alludes to his or her mentality of being checked-out of daily responsibilities and abandoning […]

Hosting our First Teen Pastry Boot Camp


Forsyth CC’s Pastry Chef, Cody Middleton, invited teen members to the club for three days to learn intricate pastry preparation. Their abilities wowed him and the gratitude from members was rewarding. Last month I had to the opportunity to teach pastry to some of our members’ children during our three-day Teen Pastry Boot Camp. Not […]

Showcasing Eight Years of Culinary Change at SACC


San Antonio CC’s Executive Chef Nelson Millán was invited to speak in front of members about the club’s F&B operation, its growth and evolution. Having “clubs within the club” is a tradition for private clubs across the country. San Antonio Country Club is no exception. One of our most popular “clubs within the club” is called the […]

Drew Tait

The Importance of Yearly Reviews


Kelly Greens G&CC’s Executive Chef Drew Tait has found that yearly reviews can turn a challenging associate into a very successful associate. At Kelly Greens G&CC, August is the last month of our fiscal year and all yearly reviews must be issued before September 1st.  I know a lot of chefs groan at the thought […]