Understanding and Applying One-, Two- and Three-Way Wine Pairings


Robert Mancuso, CMC, Executive Chef of the Bohemian Club, shares his philosophy and process for expanding and enhancing wine and food pairings. The rules about pairing wine with food are being rewritten to keep pace with evolving culinary trends. Instead of following old-school guidelines, club chefs are now pinpointing specific characteristics in different wines and […]

Protecting Every Penny: The “Complimentaries” in Club Dining


Lance Cook, Executive Chef of Hammock Dunes Club (Palm Coast, Fla.), shares how he controls costs across HDC’s $1.75 million F&B operation. As executive chefs, one of our most important responsibilities is to account for every cent when it comes to the cost of goods (COG), payroll, operational expenses, etc. Our mantra here at Hammock […]

What I Learned at C&RB’s Chef to Chef Conference


Here are six ideas from this year’s conference that I think resonated with club chef attendees. Last month, we wrapped up our tenth annual Chef to Chef Conference in Seattle—and it was awesome. There were 250 club chefs from across the country in attendance, along with some of the industry’s most forward-thinking sponsors. The idea-sharing […]

Drew Tait

Why We Need Progressive Coaching and Counseling


As managers we must coach and counsel our cooks and culinary staff to become better, more productive team members. In this day and age, it is important as chefs that we move with the trends of progressive coaching and counseling. Not only do the old ways of operating a professional kitchen not mesh with the […]

Nelson Millán

Chef’s Thoughts with Nelson Millán


In addition to his role as Executive Chef of San Antonio CC, Nelson Millán has made it his lifelong mission to continue his education while mentoring and inspiring the next generation of culinary talent. Born in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico, Nelson Millán, Executive Chef of San Antonio (Texas) Country Club, is a master technician who […]

Refreshed and Ready to Return


After his club’s annual shutdown, Grosse Pointe YC’s Executive Chef Colby Newman is eager to get back in the kitchen and share his love of food. I was right. Even though I got a lot accomplished, our annual club shut down here at Gross Pointe (Mich.) Yacht Club went way too fast. Before the shutdown, […]

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