Superstition Mountain Golf & Country Club in Gold Canyon, Ariz.

A Course of Action


Golf course superintendents can rely on their experience and expertise, coupled with the know-how of others in the industry, to lead successful implementation of renovation and restoration projects. Second in a two-part series It’s one thing to make plans. It’s another to implement them. Just ask any superintendent who is overseeing a major golf course […]

Two Thousand Close Friends


Any large undertaking needs a blueprint for success, and the folks at Carmel Country Club in Charlotte, N.C., have put together a master plan for one they now plan to hold each year. In August 2017 the property held a benefit concert, featuring country music artist Cole Swindell, on the Friday night during the PGA […]

High Water Marks


While irrigation inputs are weather-dependent, golf course superintendents have a number of tools at their disposal to keep their systems running smoothly and their properties in top condition, no matter what conditions Mother Nature may impose.   Superintendents constantly need to adapt to the unpredictable whims of Mother Nature, especially when it comes to irrigation […]

Knowing the Score


When Dedham (Mass.) Country and Polo Club (DCPC) renovated its golf course from mid-September 2017 to late May 2018, the membership closely monitored the progress of the project. And that’s just the way the club’s staff wanted it. In fact, they gave the members the means to do it. The DCPC staff devised a “renovation […]

The Club That Plays Together…


The annual employee-member golf tournament at Lords Valley Country Club has helped to form closer relationships and understanding through spirited but friendly competition. Member-member and member-guest tournaments are common occurrences at golf course properties. The staff at Lords Valley (Pa.) Country Club, however, has added a different spin to its tournament lineup. Since 2016, Lords Valley […]

Getting in Line


Asking golfers to make divots in a linear pattern while using the driving range at Farmington Country Club has reduced the amount of time needed, and the amount of material required, for repairing the turf in the club’s practice areas. No matter how much they love the game, most golfers can’t play like professionals. But […]