Events Without Walls


With all the investment and effort that goes into developing and maintaining club properties, it only makes sense to try to maximize the use of your grounds not only for golf and other forms of recreation, but for banquets, weddings, meetings, and special member events as well. Outdoor events offer unique opportunities to show off […]

Breaking Out of the Cage


It was not too long ago that the locker rooms at The Briar Club were about as exciting as unwrapping a box of socks on Christmas morning. Out of the 250 metal lockers at the Houston-based club, only about 180 were rented. Most members rushed in and out of the dressing areas, and many kept […]

New Life Via Satellite


How many times at your club has someone—be it the head pro, superintendent, GM, chef, or even a member—watched with alarm as a player on your course finishes a hole and then, despite all your investments in clear signage and foolproof scorecards, takes a wrong turn and starts to play out of sequence, or maybe […]