Textron Fleet Management Shield Plus™

By | October 9th, 2018


  • Screenless technology that provides real-time usage, mileage, hours, work and idle-time data for maintenance equipment
  • Receive detailed efficiency reports to maximize and manage your crew’s workload
  • Establish activity zones, target times and task-completion goals, and balance workloads
  • Leverage real-time data to obtain equipment usage, mileage, hours, work and idle time
  • Define reduced-speed zones and geofence areas to keep your crew safe
  • Receive instant alerts detailing the location of equipment when exceeding speed limits or entering a protected geofence
  • From real-time location of all equipment, view history data to analyze travel times between activity areas and optimize efficiency
  • Web-based and accessible anytime, anywhere, using your computer, smartphone or tablet
  • Extended warranty and service, built-in battery and automatic software updates
  • Supported by TechForce™ , the industry’s largest network of factory-direct technicians

Textron Fleet Management


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