In the Swim at Spring Creek Golf & Country Club

By | October 4th, 2018

Spring Creek G&CC’s new poolside snack bar has proved to be the most popular, and profitable, aspect of its pool facility renovation.

There’s nothing better on hot summer days than lounging poolside and enjoying a pool deck—and that enjoyment is significantly increased when there’s a snack bar nearby. And as dining has become a bigger part of any club experience, properties are doing all they can to take their food-and-beverage service to where their members and guests are, rather than make them go elsewhere on the property to eat or drink.

Spring Creek’s new pool snack bar (above) was designed to resemble the natural stone, sloped roof and neutral-shaded stucco used in its distinctive clubhouse (right).




Modernizing the pool facilities to keep in step with a clubhouse renovation in 2012 was an important project two seasons ago at Spring Creek Golf & Country Club in Ripon, Calif. “The pool that was originally there was fifty years old, and frankly, not up to the standard we wanted for our club,” says Steve Hupe, the club’s General Manager/COO.

In April 2016, Spring Creek kicked off a pool and deck renovation at a cost of approximately half a million dollars. Club members who are architects, contractors, and in pool construction spearheaded the revamp. And though the pool’s elevation was raised to expand pool dimensions by 12 feet and deck space was also significantly increased, the most profound change was the addition of a snack bar that previously didn’t exist.

“Before, our members had to go into the club to order food,” says Hupe. “It took a long time to get their food, and they were competing with the golf and lunch crowds.” Now, however, long wait times are being avoided, he reports, with many members even ordering lunch and drinks as a group poolside.

The new snack bar also faces the golf course’s No. 9 green, making it a convenient stop for golfers as well. After construction, in fact, Spring Creek held a contest for members to name the new facility, and “The Turn” was selected as the winning title.

Architect David Starck designed the snack bar to resemble the main clubhouse, with natural stone, a sloped roof, and neutral shaded stucco. And while The Turn doesn’t feature a full kitchen like the clubhouse, it still offers sandwiches, wraps, soups and snacks, along with several beverage options, including a bar for those wanting cocktails . Cigars are also offered and this year, a self-serve ice cream cooler was added—and popsicles and ice cream sandwiches have become an especially popular treat for younger club members.

The expanded deck space around The Turn has also been a boon to the club. “We can host member events for up to 100 guests, and we’ve had member luaus, mixers, and pool parties; [the space is also] available to members after 6 p.m. for private parties,” says Hupe.

The back door of the clubhouse’s kitchen is just steps away from the deck, making it possible to provide catered food or buffet-style meals at events held there. The snack bar also remains open, to make ordering drinks convenient. The deck also allows the space for the club to have live music.

Though Spring Creek’s pool closes for the season in September, The Turn is kept in operation throughout the year, Hume says. The new snack bar has been a runaway success since it opened, he reports, bringing in over $50,000 each year. Even better, its opening hasn’t led to any decrease in business from the beverage cart that operates year-round on the Spring Creek golf course and property. “We’re still bringing in between $30,000 and $40,000 a year with the cart,” says Hupe.

Overall, Hupe reports, “Our members have been very happy with the [pool] renovation [and new snack bar]; it has added a lot to their enjoyment of the club.”

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