Voting Starts for Proposed New Clubhouse and Course at Kings Crossing G&CC

By | August 9th, 2018

The golf course at the Corpus Christi property has been shuttered and the clubhouse is being demolished, but residents in the neighborhood are being asked to vote on a proposal to restore both in exchange for a $75/month increase in their homeowners’ association dues and a social membership at the revived club.

The fate of the old clubhouse and golf course at the Kings Crossing Golf & Country Club in Corpus Christi, Texas, is now in the hands of the homeowners in that neighborhood, KRIS TV of Corpus Christi reported.

The station reported in June about a proposal to restore that facility and the shuttered golf course, and residents there are now voting on a proposal to financially partner with the project, KRIS TV reported. Voting started on August 1 and there will be four informational meetings for Kings Crossing homeowners only on from August 20–22 at which the homeowners will also be to vote on the clubhouse proposal.

The final vote will be tallied at a special meeting of the homeowners association (HOA) on September 15, KRIS TV reported.

Meantime, the old facility is still being demolished and is mostly down to rubble, KRIS TV reported.

Robert Cagle, President of the Kings Crossing Homeowners Association, said of the proposed facility, “It would be big enough to take care of this community, plus other golfers who may want to come in and join the club,” KRIS TV reported.

However, the project will only moves forward if two-thirds of Kings Crossing homeowners approve a $75/month increase in their HOA dues, which would give them a social membership, KRIS TV reported.

“We’re trying to be as transparent and open as we can,” Cagle told KRIS TV in describing the voting process. “People are frustrated because we don’t have all the answers yet, and we won’t have all the answers. Part of that is because until the vote is done, they’re not going to spend a lot of money with lawyers and contractual stuff, not knowing if they have a project or not.”

Cagle urged every homeowner in Kings Crossing to make sure their voices were heard. “I think it would be good for the neighborhood,” he said, “but there are people that have different opinions and that’s why we’re having a vote.”

If homeowners approve the proposal, KRIS TV reported, the HOA will enter into further contract negotiations with the development team. If it’s rejected, the future of the property is still unclear.

Some of the property may not be able to be developed under the current zoning because of drainage easements, Cagle noted. “We’re having an engineering study done just to try to answer that question, so we know where we stand,” he said.

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