CMAA Changing Name to Club Management Association of America

By | June 14th, 2018

The change was voted on “overwhelmingly” by the organization’s members, to better reflect the composition of its membership. One-third of CMAA members now serve in management roles at club facilities but are not in General Manager, Chief Operating Officer or other top-executive roles.

The Club Managers Association of America announced that it is changing its name to the Club Management Association of America, effective July 1, 2018. The association will retain its CMAA acronym.

In February, the CMAA’s membership voted overwhelmingly to change the name of the association, to more accurately identify the makeup of the organization and help to better distinguish what it does.

The new name, the organization says, better reflects the composition of CMAA’s membership, which has diversified in the last 10 years. Today, approximately one-third of the membership is comprised of professionals serving in management roles at their club facilities, but who are not necessarily in top executive positions, such as General Manager or Chief Operating Officer.

Originally founded in 1927, the CMAA promotes relationships between club management professionals and other similar professions; encourages the education and advancement of members through the Certified Club Manager (CCM) designation; and provides the resources needed for efficient and successful club operations. As the largest professional association for managers of membership clubs, the CMAA currently has 6,800 members throughout the U.S. and internationally, and its members represent more than 2,500 country, golf, athletic, city, faculty, military, town and yacht clubs.

“The renaming of the Association better reflects the composition of our membership, and more accurately illustrates the current makeup of the Association,” said Chief Executive Officer Jeff Morgan, FASAE, CAE. “CMAA is serving the needs of multiple constituencies in the club business, and we are working to ensure its existence and growth as a thriving industry.”

In its announcement of the name change, the CMAA said it will continue to evolve and extend its reach as the leader in the club-management practice. Under its current strategic plan, the organization said, it has enhanced its member offerings and established itself as an even more inclusive, value-driven, and well-functioning organization.

The CMAA is headquartered in Alexandria, Va., with 42 professional chapters and more than 40 student chapters and colonies. More information about the organization can be found at

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